What makes 1st Choice Dentures;

                   Yorkshire's Premier Denture Service 

We invite all those with denture problems to allow us to help them.

We especially like to see patients who have been told they are a difficult case, even those who have had many dentures made before and non of their dentures have fulfilled their needs.

We, therefore, see many patients who are either very demanding or truly difficult cases.

To establish how well we made dentures for these & all our other patients we conducted an audit.

Results from an audit of new dentures provided

Patients were asked 13 questions about their satisfaction with new dentures made at various denture clinics:

Patients that had dentures made by 1st Choice Dentures reported an

average of over 95% satisfaction.

We truly believe that this confirms that 1st Choice Dentures is:

            Yorkshire's Premier Denture Service  

The patients actual response forms are available for patients to view at our Morley clinic.

Please give us your opinions here:

If you would like to submit an opinion or comment on the service you have received we would be delighted to here from you.

You may choose any of the 3 following options;

  1. Patients Testimonals response form: Can be completed at any time by 1st Choice patients .
    If you would like to give an audio or video testimonial that we could include in our website, and you can record either; please feel free to submit one by email to: stephen@1stchoicedentures.co.uk

  2.  Audit response form: Can be completed by both 1st Choice patients and patients who have received dentures from any other practice. Should only be completed after the dentures are finished, any adjustments are completed, and the dentures worn for 1 to 3 months. When we redo the audit; response forms will be available here, or you can request one now by email & we will send a form to you at the time.

  3. Patients complaint form: 1st Choice patients may complete this at any time. If you are not happy with the result of your complaint you may contact the Dental Complaints Service.