Our Policy is determined to be in compliance with the Professional Guidance determined by the GDC (General Dental Council) which state that: THE PRINCIPLES OF PRACTICE IN DENTISTRY are; As a dental professional, we are responsible for doing the following.

1. Putting patients' interests first and acting to protect them.

2. Respecting patients' dignity and choices.

3. Protecting the confidentiality of patient's information.

4. Co-operating with other members of the dental team and other healthcare colleagues in the interests of patients.

5. Maintaining our professional knowledge and competence.

6. Being trustworthy.


We maintain information on patients in 3 different categories. Each one involves data being stored on our own computers and written records which are seen only by dentally qualified personnel or those supervised by dentally qualified personnel who are responsible for implementing the above principles. The categories are:

1. Accounts management.

2. Dental & medical records related to dental treatment.

3. Information distribution. 

The 3rd category of Information distribution also requires that we use externally hosted data. In the Data security and Data protection sections below are the Privacy Policy sections of our external data hosts, CleverReach.

Data security

1.       The data of the customers are hosted on the servers of CleverReach in a data container specially reserved for the user, so that neither other customers of CleverReach nor third parties have access to the customer data.


2.       CleverReach only uses state-of-the-art technologies to maintain data security. CleverReach will maintain this technological standard on one hand with regard to the ongoing advancement of information technology and on the other hand of the Internet. Moreover, competent subcontractors according to the aforementioned state-of-the-art technology will provide all services bought in by CleverReach.


3.       CleverReach is able to monitor the operation of the system around the clock precisely and to react to operational disturbances immediately. The customer data stored on the servers of CleverReach are backed up every 24 hours.


4.       The user acknowledges that confidentiality of the data hosted by CleverReach can only be guaranteed, if the user also considers the communicated access data as confidential. In the case of loss or if there is the possibility that an unauthorized person has come to know the access data, the user must inform CleverReach immediately in writing by fax or by email, so that CleverReach can arrange for deactivation of the CleverReach access.

5.       Only the user, never however CleverReach, is responsible for the consequences caused by the contents and dispatch of a mailing.

Data protection

It is planned that the CleverReach system will regularly carry out mailings for the user. For this purpose, the user will provide his/ her customer data to CleverReach. CleverReach carries out mailings by means of its EDP systems and databases. This formal obligation should guarantee that the user enjoys data protection by CleverReach in terms of the Federal Data Protection Act to the full extent.

1.       For the period of co-operation and after, CleverReach undertakes to observe strictest confidentiality concerning all known or become known business and operational affairs of the user.

2.       We are obligated to data secrecy according to § 5 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) due to the assignment of tasks in our company. Accordingly, we are not allowed to collect, process or use personal data without authorization. Accordingly, we are likewise obligated to maintain data secrecy in our company also after termination of our activities for the user.

3.       We know that offences against data secrecy according to §§ 44 and 43 para. 2 BDSG and other penal provisions can be punished with prison sentence or monetary penalty.