Denture costs at 1st Choice Dentures

We have a range of denture options here at 1st choice dentures to suit you:      Full dentures starting cost from £990                                                                        Single dentures starting cost from £550

Before you decide how you would like to pay for dentures it is best to consider what you would like from your dentures.

If you consider buying a car you might be aware of a wide range of choices, perhaps from a Reliant Robin to a Rolls Royce, with a wide price range; it is much the same with dentures.  

Firstly; what level of comfort, what aesthetic appearance, what ability to bite & chew, what strength & durability, would you like from your dentures?

Next there is the question of what level of performance is available from the specifications of dentures offered?

At 1st Choice Dentures we offer 5 standard levels of denture specifications, but it does not stop there. As all our dentures are custom made to suit the individuals wishes & needs, we also offer an almost endless range of options to make sure you get want you would like. 

Then there is the question of how well your previous denture performed for you, and would you prefer something better or similar?

Before you can decide you need to know how the specification of your previous denture compares with the specification of new ones? And whether it is possible to make you a denture that performs in the way you would like it to? This is when the questions get really difficult, as if they weren't already! 

Fortunately, this is where a consultation at 1st Choice Dentures will really help. The professional analysis of your mouth, your previous dentures (sometimes many sets) what is best for you from the specifications available, what options you have if you wish to economise or if you wish to consider stretching your budget. All these things can be summed up in easy to understand professional advise.

We often give a range of choices for you to choose from and there is no pressure on you to select any price range or specification. You are free to take the advice home, discuss your options with family & friends if you wish, or come back to us for a further discrete consultation if you have more questions.    

If you would like to know the cost of dentures that would be ideal for you, then please arrange a consultation by ringing on 0113 2525428 or 0788 7702257.